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A personal testimony is the most trustworthy and credible reference, being that it is the most real way of transmitting personal experience and reflecting the result of practically applying the techniques.

These testimonies tell us, in first hand, about the experiences, the difficulties, and most importantly the victories!

Here are a few testimonies from people that were able to transform their lives, achieve personal and professional goals, grow in consciousness, overcome obstacles, triumph over relationship and communication difficulties, fatigue and lack of motivation, limiting beliefs, recovering the power of their choices, creating and developing resources and even something as punctual and specific as identifying a hobby…

… I hope to read Yours next!!!

Action for Success

« It’s difficult to synthesize all the metamorphosis that I have suffered along this long path that I have gone through with Diana. I have learnt and interiorized concepts that were determinant in the way that I dealt with adversity and also with the best moments.
I can affirm as a fact that allying the various techniques has allowed me to open up doors whose existence I was completely unaware of, and that from one moment to the next they went from being my “attic” to being my “living room”, by the way in which they teach us to deal with the uncomfortable.
I can say that the focus and direction that we want for our life is determinant in the success of the process. I can even affirm that the constant attention we give to everything that surrounds us assumes a preponderant importance in the path that we make towards our goal, and this path towards our goal may be rocky, but at the end of the day it all comes down to our real desire to achieve it.

Concluding, Diana is a Coach that provided me the access to tools such as self-discipline, will to win, exigency, focus, self-motivation, resilience and above all awareness of the path that I want to follow in my life. After this, it is our choice, do we or don’t we want to be happy?

How bad do you want it?… Became one of the most heard expressions along the various sessions!!! »

— J.B. , 21 years old —
Psychology Student and Football Player

Action for Success

« I went to see Diana by recommendation in a time in which I was disoriented in a specific area of my life.
Although I was involved in personal development I did not know how Coaching worked and I was amazed with the results.

It was necessary for me to have some willpower and be very specific, something that was difficult for me in the beginning although I rapidly understood that the more specific I was, the more specific the results were. It was a way of leveraging my own life.

This was extremely important at the time. Not only did I gain an awareness much above the average, relating to the life area in question, as I did to any other area on which I decided to focus myself on. Actually, the word “Focus” gained another meaning to me and became part of my daily life.
Essentially, Coaching ultra X-rayed me and gave me the tools to achieve solutions and actions through my own resources.

When I understood this I felt an enormously motivated and autonomous, and had many insights. I also realized that, even starting to work on one area of my life, I actually started to train and prepare my brain to work any other areas in a much more pro-active way.

Nowadays I feel extremely grateful for this process as I can guarantee that the results exceed all expectations. I became so enthusiastic that I decided to look for training in this area in order to do with others what had been done with me, mostly due to the sessions I had with Diana. Therefore I can only thank who recommended her, and naturally recommend Diana to anyone who wants to take a gigantic step forward in their Life. »

— Hugo Van Zeller, 42 years old—

Action for Success

« Some people say that talking is easy but doing is the hardest part… Well, in my case it was the opposite. The hard part was talking, being able to get to the bottom of what was keeping me stuck. The most important thing is to want something better for ourselves, because it is important to have goals in Life, which I didn’t.

Diana helps us to get to those stages because together we build a map of the paths we are looking for. After that, all we have left to do is walk in that direction, which only depends on the willpower each of us has to get there.

I was able to get where I wanted, much faster than I ever dreamt possible. I apply everything that I learnt with Diana on my day-to-day life, in everything I do.
For having achieved it, I want to leave my testimony for everyone that has ever doubted that it is in fact possible to improve our own life


I’ve found my Path! 🙂 »

— Maria João Azinheira, 21 years old—

Action for Success

« I don’t know which were the techniques that Diana used in my particular case, however I know how accurate and determinant her diagnose was in my life.
By the time I finished my Sessions Plan I was provided with the fundamental tools to follow my path, oriented and with a well-determined purpose.
Diana is an extraordinary being of power and inspiration. I’m grateful

In my son’s case, who was also coached by Diana, all I have to say is “Bless the time when he began this process!”.


From a confused, disorganized, lost, lazy young man, he became a marvellous adult!
He became centred, found his academic path, developed a richer connection with the people that are most dear to him, he became stronger and at the same time acquired an extraordinary sensitivity to whatever surrounds him.

Diana has an ability to create a true peers relationship with teenagers, through friendship and affection, yet without ever losing firmness in her performance or loosing focus on the defined goals, and so gaining the respect, the trust, and their will to go beyond.
I say this from the heart, Thank you Diana for having helped my son to BE! God Bless! »

— A.P.S., 46 years old —
Resource Manager

Action for Success

« Coaching has become a fantastic process of self-awareness. I started having “perception”, being attentive to day-to-day events and having the capacity to understand, inter relate and solve them.

Diana entered my life at a time when nothing made sense, and that I could never understand the “why”. Today I feel strong, sure of who I am and the path that I want to follow. I have gained a new consciousness. »

— I.S., 19 years old —

Action for Success

« Being coached by Diana was like “opening a window” that already existed hidden in me.

It exceeded my expectations, turning obstacles into allies, learning to evaluate things from a different perspective and… how to Walk in Life with tranquillity!
Thank you 😉 »

— S.M.A., 43 years old —
Logistics Coordinator

Action for Success

« When I met Diana I was in the worst phase of my life. I found myself in such a state of psychological exhaustion that I barely had strength to get up in the morning and go to work. It was only by a strong pressure and recommendation of several people that I sought her.

It is very important to mention that at this time I thought there was nothing that could be done to improve the way I dealt with my problems, and even less that could make me feel better. I thought that no one could help me, although I, for myself, could not see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I started overcoming all these difficulties, and with that my self-confidence was restored.
Coaching allowed me to get to know myself better and reposition myself in relation to my values. Diana’s work using several techniques reinstated my capacities, energy, tranquillity and joy. Each conquest was felt very deeply.

In only 6 months I already felt like I was someone else. After a year, I felt very confident, very sure of myself, full of strength and energy to live… Happy!!!

Later on, I asked Diana to coach me again because I was unsuccessfully trying to identify a hobby. In the beginning of the first session, I started by telling her that perhaps the pack of four sessions that I had stipulated was probably too short to attain this objective.
It was astonishing! I couldn’t believe that at the end of the first session we had already identified my hobby! And, as Diana is someone that beyond competent, loves what she does, becomes enthusiastic with results and takes pleasure in helping others, she even helped me start that same hobby.

I felt very lucky to have found Diana, and it’s also very good to know that she exists, to help my friends that might need and even myself when and if I ever need!»

— A.L.M. , 44 years old —
Chief Management Control

Action for Success

« It is my privilege to leave here my testimony about the work that Diana did with my two children, in a phase when adolescent behaviour reflects anxiety and unconsciousness, and which their father and me, felt impotent to manage. It was a process that gave me back my Children with a fantastic Self-Esteem and determination in their decisions.

At this moment they know themselves, what they want and the path they have to follow in order to reach their goals.

I take an immense pride on having had the initiative to contact Diana, thank you for being part of our lives! »

— Paula Santos, 46 years old —
Project Manager

"In the great battles of life, the first step to victory is the desire to win!"