Coaching… What is it?

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Coaching… What is it?
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Coaching… What is it?

Coaching is an area of Personal Development that increases consciousness levels through self-knowledge, development of mental and emotional skills, use of resources, ability to deal with changing situations, stress or relationships management or any other challenge.

Coaching is, therefore, a practical training applied in a global and extensive way, enabling the discovery of each person’s Potential for Excellence, and motivating the person to achieve it.

The Coach empowers the Coachee to gain emotional maturity and a greater self-awareness through the definition of concrete successful goals, whilst finding the real values that motivate them, and by creating an Action Plan and an obstacle removal strategy as well as assigning tasks and implementing new habits or reprogramming behavioural patterns, including NLP techniques. The necessary “tools” for a successful process are therefore provided, whilst simultaneously reinforcing the responsibility and merit of the obtained results on the Coachee, helping them to conquer their own autonomy in the shortest amount of time possible.

Coaching focuses on revealing each person’s Potential for Excellence… and developing the necessary motivation to achieve it!

"If You develop the habits of Success, you will make success a habit!"

Michael E. Angier