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Action for Success


Diana Metello is an International Results Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker, and has been involved in Self-Development Support & Training for more than 20 years.

She’s an Internationally Certified Master Life & Executive Coach, NLP Master and a Social Mental Panorama Consultant.

She has also Qualified Training and Certifications in Junguian Psychology, Psychological and Transpersonal Astrology, Healing Therapies amongst many others.

Diana is also a Hado Instructor and Co-Trained with Masaru Emoto at the Hado Instructor School in Portugal.

After two years of Chemical Engineering, changed Courses and took a Masters Degree in Graphic Design and Communication.

Amongst many Projects, Diana was the Representative and All Cities Leader of “First Tuesday” (Worldwide Network for Entrepreneurs and Investors) in Portugal, since 1999, and due to her work and being responsible for importing the Concept of Networking, and the massive impact and results it achieved, Diana Metello was acknowledged by GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) as one of the Top Entrepreneurship References in Portugal.

After many and Diversified Working Experiences, founded her first Company in the Design, PR and Event Planning Business in 2000, and Created her Current Company Action For Success, dedicated to Coaching, Consulting & Training in the beginning of 2012.

Believing in the extraordinary Potential of the Human Being, strongly based on her own deep Vivential Processes and surpassed Challenges, Leading by Example and with an enormous Passion for what she does, Diana bets in Excellence and Continuous Improvement, investing a lot in her own Personal Development, always choosing Top Quality Training… and creating the opportunity to model the Best and having them as a reference.

As an International Results Coach & Founder of Action For Success… Her Mission is…

  • Being a Change Catalyst!
  • Participate in Innovating Projects!
  • Inspire & Contribute to an accomplished Dream!
  • Be a part of a Personal or Professional challenge transformed into Victory!

… Making a Difference!!!

"I am a part of All I have met!"

Alfred Tennyson