Coaching… Who is it for?

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Coaching… Who is it for?
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Coaching… Who is it for?

Who is it for

Anyone can receive Coaching!!!

It can be applied to Specific Situations or global Life Goals.

Life Coaching

It is applied to situations in which the Coachee wants to attain personal life goals such as modifying relational postures, building a sense of security and self-esteem, improving time management, dealing with changing or stressful situations, strategically plan and achieve Goals and “Dreams”!

Executive Coaching

It is applied to Coachees that want to progress in their career, improve their performance, discover and use their own skills and develop resources, optimise time management, find professional motivations, learn stress management, etc.

Business Coaching

Targeted at Businesses that want to optimise their Results, Teams and internal communication, define successful strategies, goals and objectives, define Company Values, implement norms and procedures to guarantee results, increase motivation, define profiles and best-aplied competences, etc.

"The World lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream
and take the risk of living their dreams!!!"

Paulo Coelho