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Mental Social Panorama
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Mental Social Panorama

The Mental Social Panorama was created by Lucas Derks and is a combination of Coaching and Therapy, based on NLP, and according to with Cognitive Psychology’s most recent findings.

Mental Social Panorama is a kind of Geography of the Mind, full of mental constructions which shape the way in which we filter our social reality. It demonstrates that the “Self” represents our center and that all our relationships with the world are directly dependent upon our (mental) locations of others.

It reveals our self-image and helps us to understand and transform the manner in which we live and engage in our social, affective, family and professional relationships, by discovering the place these occupy in our mental map.

Mental Social Panorama is used as a psychological and social diagnosis tool and is applied in the treatment or problem solution of social relationships such as: love, hate, injustice, power, identification, leadership…
It is also used to improve family relationships, group dynamics, conflict resolution, negotiations, aspects associated to beliefs and other social systems.

It is highly efficient regarding self-image and self-esteem work, as well as family panorama transformations and within-organisation processes.

"Change your Thoughts and you will change your World!"

Norman Vicent Pearle